An Appeal to Help our Historical Church Since 1665​​
 preserving our H. H. Richardson sacred space including:


 By Frederic Auguste` Bartholdi
Sculptor of the Statue of Liberty

 Please visit the
Bartholdi Fountains at the
National Botanical Gardens
Washingon, D.C

and Musee` Bartholdi, Colmar Alsace, France!

Our Church and the Community are working on a long time fundraising effort to restore our historic H.H. Richardson Tower with its Frederic Auguste Bartholdi friezes (Sculptor of the Statue of Liberty). We sure could use your help! 


We have been a beacon to the city of Boston since 1665 and are working on a careful but promising future. We ask for your prayers and assistance to promote our legacy for the support of Christian works helping our various missions and protecting our historic presence.  We welcome and hopefully we may be able to join in a spiritual journey towards the light of God and His Angels!

Donations may be sent to the Treasurer at
​110 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

Church Officers, Leaders and Staff

Rev. John R. Odams, Minister
David C. Green, Director of Music
Rev. Clarence McGregor, Sexton
Dorothy B. Williams, Moderator
Prof. Dr. Henry P. Henderson, Treasurer
Donald G. Thacker, Clerk
Earl A. Norman, Trustees
Melvin Jemmison, Deacons
Sarah Zettek, Music
Heather Cook, Missions

Our 30th Minister and Pastor since 1665 is The Rev. John R. Odams who comes from a long history of Baptists from New England and Scotland. Please join us in a new future at First Baptist Boston and restoring our future with a rich history.


Sunday Services            
11:00 AM 
Greets and Sweets  after Services        

Wednesday Bible Study                    
6:00 PM
except for July and August
110 Commonwealth Avenue
(Corner of Commonwealth and Clarendon)
Boston, MA  02116
Please enhance our congregation with your presence for a loving Spiritual journey.​​
Church Theme Hymn
Please enjoy our church hymn, "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name"".
Written from our church by Deacon Oliver Holden